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Message of Chairman & CEO

Mitsuya Boeki has thrived in the fluctuable era by the grace of cooperation of many reliable suppliers and distributors since the establishment in 1985.  I would like to take this opportunity of expressing my sincere gratitude to all of the concerned parties who have made this possible.

Nevertheless, the trading circumstances are becoming more competitive continuously. Because of the revolution in information technology, key information is available quickly and freely at a low cost to virtually anyone. Access to such information had previously been a favorable advantage specially for trading companies.  But as a consequence, we are confronted with much wider competition than before.
The advantages we built in the past, such as our achievement record and commercial rights, have lost their meaning. And we are rapidly moving into an era where the fundamental rule “superior prevails, inferior fails" applies to every aspect of our endeavors.  Under these circumstances, Mitsuya Boeki goes ahead in order to improve and develop much more as a trading company based on the following ways:
1) Create a Reliable Network
 We cannot realize business without mutual trust, even though taking the progress  of  the IT revolution into consideration.  We make our existing network stronger  and expand our business to a global scale by reviewing this fundamental rule.
2) Globalize Our Supplier Network
In the borderless age, ‘Made in Japan' has been losing its position. We will use all of our power to search for the supplier that best meets the needs of our clients. It is essential that we have to have a wealth of detailed information to allow a comprehensive judgment of quality, price, supply ability, reliability and service.
We define the aboves as our company policies.  We will strive to continue to offer our services that satisfy our clients. At the same time we hope to transact as a valuable trade division for our manufacturers and grow up together by creating much closer partnerships.