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A starting point
Mitsuya Boeki started with 4 people in August, 1985.  Our steady growth has come from each member pursuing every business opportunity to the best of his or her ability.  We continue to improve our standing.
Changes of markets and products

The United States is our major market. In addition we had developed good relationships with many companies in Australia and India prior to starting Mitsuya Boeki.  Moreover, we have been doing good business with the Middle East for the last few years. These countries have become our main markets for trading chemicals and raw materials for pharmaceuticals. The development of these countries has led to Mitsuyafs growth.  
With regards to commodities, we have successfully shifted to highly valued goods that are competitive under currency fluctuations.  For export, our business will be centered on the advanced materials related to IT or fuel cell, intermediates of pharmaceuticals, healthy food and food additives made from natural materials etc. in the near future.

Growing as a company gives everyone a chance to participate

In a trading company each person has value.  The merit system of employee evaluation keeps staff members on track.  Being conscious of onefs obligations to take part in the companyfs business is essential at Mitsuya boeki.  Actively exchanging information in an open atmosphere contributes to the feeling of responsibility that everyone shares in the company.

Growth of Mitsuya Boeki depends on the Planning and Marketing Ability of everyone

For Mitsuya Boeki to grow and progress we need to continue to seek out new products and markets in the chemical industry.  In the field of new materials, we are working on the following projects ;

EThe import of new pharmaceutical materials from Indian and Chinese  
EThe trade of raw materials of fuel cells which may solve environmental 
EThe sale of various kinds of nano products which will attract attention 
  as a new  material of the next generation  

We are planning to find and develop new business with high valued products under
currency fluctuations for export and import.

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